As the similar experience of most of the rapidly developing cities all over the world, the modern
Shenzhen is being shaped by liberal economic force and resulted in endless urban expansion.
The living environment is to be the key issue for the city to challenge itself for its future.

Social structure

The urban expansion reflects the industrial structure movement. Working opportunities attracts millions
of strangers from neighboring provinces and foreign regions. Generation significantly composed by
single young people which drives the direction of property market.

Experimental Housing Types

It is the housing to be the majority of the building types within urban environment which is fundamentally
shaping the urban landscape recognized by the public. Most of the existing types of housing proposed
seldom suit the unique condition of Shenzhen and that results in the inefficiency of spatial circulation with
respects to the housing units and the character of generation composition.

Shenzhen, city which was raised rapidly from a small village. the village was going vertical in a short period
of time, causing the phenomenon of so called village in a city. The living organism will start to disappear
through its urbanisation. The proposal is to trace the original housing/ village system, life style.
etc we intend to keep the similar fabric but verticals its living system to encounter its rapid urbanisation
at the same time provide the quality of its origin.

Through the multi-layered self-organisational system to encounter the existing urbanised problem
such as road boundary conditions.